Happy Birthday BlerdyOtaku!

Last Year

Somebody’s birthday is today but it’s not mine, it’s the blog’s! Can ya’ll believe a year has gone by because I really can’t. I remember moving to a new city just last year, literally couch surfing with one of my best friends, until I could find an apartment. Let me tell you, sharing a studio apartment is HARD. Life in your 20’s aha ha.

I wasn’t very happy with myself. And I felt like a failure, because I sat the semester out. I felt like I wasn’t good at anything. And I have a bad habit of doubting myself. So much, that I actually can talk myself out of something, before I have even had the chance to start it.

Let’s Start a Blog!

I remember the exact moment that made me think “Hey, you should start an anime blog.” I had been seeing a crazy influx of men bashing women about anime, you know, same old things. And I wondered, where else does one talk about anime and manga they like, besides twitter? I knew YouTube was an option, but I already have a channel for my hair. So, I started googling anime blogs. That’s literally what I put in the search bar. I never seen so many people with anime blogs. I think what I liked the most, was that no two blogs were the same. And what I also noticed, was that there were not many black bloggers who talked about anime. And even less black bloggers, who were women.

After noting that, I thought of a name, that could accurately represent me and my blog. And then, to really solidify that I was actually going to do this, I bought a domain for it. I didn’t have to, but I think at that very moment, I knew that I was willing to invest whatever into this blog, because I cared about it. I’ve learned from running BlerdyOtaku that, it’s okay to invest in hobbies that don’t bring you any money. If you really care about it, and it means something to you, you should invest in it. And while my blog doesn’t bring me any type of financial gain, I’ve actually received cool writing opportunities from it.

I know not many people come to my blog, and I am not the most popular. But, popularity has never meant anything to me. I blog because it makes me happy. And because I really like talking about what I’m writing about. It’s a pastime, and I always said before, if no one ever read my blog, I would be okay. Fortunately that’s not that case. So thank you to anyone who has ever read anything on this site, and thought “hey I kinda like this,” or “she’s kinda funny.”

What’s Next For BlerdyOtaku?

Even though it’s not the new year yet, I do have some goals for BlerdyOtaku. One is the same goal, I’m always talking about which is to be more consistent! I know I’m really bad at posting consistently, but I am a work in progress. And life happens. I will say I admire my blogger mutuals who post every week, it really motivates me!

Another goal, is to interact more with blogger mutuals. In our own way, we’re like a little community. I have a hard time making friends due to how I grew up. I moved around a lot because of my mom’s job. It was really hard to make bonds with others, when I knew I was moving in 6 months. So I stopped trying. Unfortunately, I carried that same attitude into college. But, I’m gonna work on trying to actually comment more on your guy’s posts, because I actually do read them. It’s just by the time I finish, something distracts me and I forget to comment. And on twitter too! I think it’s so nice when you guys tag me in those little challenges. I explained before why I never actually participated, but I really do appreciate the thought!

Real Friends, How Many of Us?

Lastly, I really want to thank two of my very good friends, Cynthia and Lydia. They’re some of my favorite people in the entire world. Honestly, I don’t think people would really know about my blog at all, if they weren’t constantly telling people about it. Neither of them ever thought it was a stupid idea to start an anime blog, and encouraged me greatly, when it came to running one. I think it’s important to have friends who support you in your hobbies and interests, and I am very grateful for them both.

Anyway’s that’s the rest of my little sappy post. Shout to my 1 year anniversary!

Happy birthdayyyyy to meeee (the blog)