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Mirio and Deku patrol the streets, with him almost feeling out of place. Mirio agrees to help him get better at patrolling. Such a sweet kid ugh. It’s almost sickening. Midoriya is still confused as to why All Might never said anything about how Nighteye felt. Mirio asks for Midoriya’s hero name, and tells him, his is Lemillion. A small girl bumps into Deku. He notices she’s trembling and Overhaul steps onto the scene.

Overhaul claims, the girl is his daughter (just lying his ass off), and Mirio slips Deku’s mask on. God, I wish he was smarter loool. If y’all patrolling as heroes why your mask not on my guy! Mirio better come through. He apologizes to Overhaul. Mirio talks animatedly to Overhaul, identifying him as apart of the Hassaikai. Overhaul tells him the masks keeps out the filth. Mirio lies, when Overhaul asks them what agency they’re with. If he tells Overhaul they’re with Nighteye, it will tip him off. So Mirio tells them they’re just students, as they try to leave, the little girl asks Deku not to leave.


Deku points out she’s scared. And notices the bandages on her body. We learn the girl’s name is Eri. Deku asks more questions, to which Overhaul tells him it’s dangerous to make assumptions. Mirio wants him to stop as it will rouse suspicion. Midoriya is conflicted, but asks Overhaul what he’s been doing to the girl.

Overhaul walks them down an alley, telling them that Eri, doesn’t really listen very well. Mirio is still trying to make the situation lighthearted as possible. Claiming parenting isn’t easy. Overhaul prepares to attack the two heroes. Eri notices and immediately, un-clings herself from Midoriya and goes straight to Overhaul. Since we know what Overhaul’s quirk is sorta, it’s mighty gracious on her part, to try and save Mirio and Midoriya.Eri and Overhaul walk away, and Mirio tells them that they cannot go after him. He knows they were about to get attacked and thats why Eri complied with him. Mirio does not want to push Overhaul any further, fearing it’ll make it harder to catch him. They go report to Nighteye.

Overhaul makes it back to some sort of underground headquarters, killing the guard that let Eri escape. Mirio, Midoriya, Nighteye and Bubble Girl meet up to talk about Chisaki. Nighteye explains the reason for surveilling Hassaikai, and Mirio reveals the head has a daughter. Izuku wants to help Eri, but Nighteye reprimands him, saying that he cant just save whoever he wants whenever. He tells the two teens to head back to the office and Izuku feels bad. Back to Overhaul, he gets a call from Tomura.

Hero Work Studies a Bust?

Our favorite UA students are in class, trying to figure out who the hell beat up Bakugo and Shoto. Looks like the provisional classes are on they ass! Ochako, Tsu, and Kirishima have found work studies finally, and are not in class. Midoriya cant stop thinking about Eri, to the point where he couldn’t concentrate in class all day. He goes to see All Might, but he’s out running. He catches up to All Might, and accuses him of knowing what Nighteye was going to say to the teen.