MHA S4 Ep. 5: Let’s Go, Gutsy Red Riot!

Enter Nejire Hado!

Some villains are fighting and Nejire Hado, one of the big three, steps onto the scene! Ochako and Tsu are right behind her, performing a join ultimate move! Nejire is just the cutest praising them! The three UA students are doing their work study under Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu. Nighteye has put out requests to other agencies to team up on the investigation and take down of the Shie Hassaikai.

Tomura and Chisaki meet again

Shigaraki meets with Overhaul. He agrees to join Overhaul and his gang but under specific conditions. Overhaul needs their name, and the League of Villains need to increase their strength. They need each other. The zombie faced child, makes it very clear, that the League will not be working under Overhaul. It’s either a joint partnership, or no deal. And also he wants to know the details of Overhauls grand plan. Tomura goes to pull something from his jacket, and immediately, a gun is drawn on him. Tomura gets angry, saying he expects to be repaid for the events that occurred the last time, Overhaul and his subordinates met with the League of Villains.

Overhaul has his men stand down, and Shigaraki asks for details about this plan again, and pulls some sort of pin out. It’s the same pin that was thrown at Compress, just before he went in to attack Overhaul I believe.

Kirishima and Pro hero Fat Gum

Kirishima, Amajiki, another big three, and pro hero Fat Gum are patrolling the city. He beams as the Pro hero tells him, how much the agency needed a close combat hero. Ugh love that red headed kid. Amajiki is the one who got Kirishima the job, wishing Mirio was around. Basically, Kirishima had to beg to get the work study, which I think is quite funny! They continue patrolling, with Amajiki complaining, because he feels like Fat Gum torments him, due to his disposition. Amajiki says positivity just isn’t his strong suit.


A fight breaks out, and Fat Gum jumps in. A villain escapes, and Amajiki catches him with tentacles. He gets called a freak, which hurts his feelings. Poor baby! I actually really like Amajiki, because we’re kinda the same, when it comes to social interaction. Kirishima does what he does best, and tries to cheer the third year up while fighting. We learn Amajiki’s quirk is called manifest. Anything he eats, his body can basically take on the characteristics of. His hero name is Suneater, which sounds super cool!

Much to Amajiki’s dismay, he is praised by a large crowd for taking a villain down. In the crowd, another villain who was with the one’s Amajiki and Fat Gum took down, draws a gun. He shoots at Amajiki. Instead of a bullet being shot, it’s the strange pin that Tomura has asked about earlier.

The scene cuts back to Tomura and Chisaki. The zombie child points out, that when the pin was shot at Compress, he could not activate his quirk for a while. He asks what it is and what he plans to do with it. Chisaki explains that the same way All for One stole peoples quirks, he’s fine tuned the method.

Red Riot

As Chisaki is talking, the screen cuts to Kirishima using his hardening quirk to save Amajiki from the bullet pin thingy. He is hit in the head the pin bouncing off due to his quirk, and much to the villains shock. The crowd disperses and the villain makes a run for it, Kirishima following behind him. Amajiki tries to stop him by using his quirk, and quickly realizes something is wrong. He cannot activate his quirk. Fat Gum goes after Kirishima and the villain. Amajiki stresses to Fat Gum that his quirk won’t activate. Fat Gum then asks if Eraser Head is around or something.

Kirishima is still running after the man, until they reach a dead end and begin to fight. The villain starts crying, complaining about his quirk. Kirishima tells the man to shut up, pulling him to his feet. The villain appears to be a wimp. Even so, it’s cute that Kirishima is still able to at least show some sort of compassion towards the man. The villain injects himself with something, and instantly his quirk gets unusually stronger.

Its about to go down

The police arrive where Amajiki is, telling him the group belongs to gang of criminals, selling drugs around the area. Amajiki deduces, that’s the reason his quirk will not activate. Because they shot him full of something. He has a very bad feeling. Back to Kirishima, he deduces he has to defeat the villain and tells the citizens to run where the blades cant reach. The villain begans cutting the cute little red head, and he realizes he cannot get close to the man.

The villain teases Kirishima over manliness and says that those who live in the shadow, will basically rule the world eventually. The dude is literally high as shit. Kirishima has a flashback and he remembers when he was trying to come up with his ultimate move. He calls himself mediocre. Awww. Katsuki reminds Kirishima of what he said to him during the sports festival. As much as Bakugo annoys me, him and Kirishima have the best friendship. And I like that Kirishima really is the only one in class 1-A, that can get that hot head under control. Bakugo reminds Kirishima in that moment, that just standing up means you are strong.

Red Riot Unbreakable!

Kirishima pushes himself to harden his body more, and boom. His ultimate move is shown! Red Riot UNBREAKABLE!!! He cant keep the form for long but, he manages to beat out the villain. I really love that this wasn’t dragged out! He finishes before his form breaks, and the drugs start to wear off on the villain. He begs to be let go. The villain tries to escape again, and Fat Gum catches him. Kirishima marvels at the pro hero’s abilities, and the citizens thank Kirishima for saving him.

Fat Gum says he’ll be an amazing pro hero and tells the citizens his name is Red Riot. Another flashback shows Mina Ashido running towards a villain, back in middle school, and a black haired Kirishima doing nothing to help. Fat Gum deduces the drugs the villain was on, was from the black market. A police comes and tells him the gun was not a normal weapon. Kirishima asks how Amajiki was doing. He says not so good. They head to the hospital afterwards. Fat Gum has heard of power boosting drugs, and worries about this drug that stops people from activating their quirks, and the episode ends.

Ohhhh Kirishima getting his time to shine was so awesome! He’s one of my favorite class 1A students (I mean I love them all but still) and I’m glad he got some screen time, that didn’t involve him being alongside Bakugo. I cant wait to learn more about this power boosting drug Chisaki has managed to disperse.



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