My Physical Manga Collection (So Far)

Once again, I am mentioning that I started collecting non-digital manga and I figured I would show you guys because I’m a nerd. Most of them I bought over winter break. And if you follow me on twitter you probably seen them already 🤣

1. The Drifting Classroom series

Really interesting Isekai manga about a school that is transported to a new world during an earthquake. The ending kinda made me sad because I got the opposite of what I was expecting. Took me a minute to finish the series not because of page length, but mostly because I wasn’t ready for the story to end. Do you guys ever prolong reading or watching something because you don’t want it to end yet? I’ve been putting off the last episode of Quintessential Quintuplets due to this strange habit of mine.

2. Toilet-bound Hanako-Kun series

I bought a few of the volumes from this series, mostly because I couldn’t get into the anime. I think maybe I was distracted, but by the time I got to episode 5 in the anime, I was completely lost as to what was going on. Reading it is so much better for me, and I find myself enjoying the story more than my first reaction. I think maybe once I finish up with the manga, I’ll try the anime back out again.

3. Some Works by Ito

I really enjoy reading Junji Ito’s bizarre stories. I’ve read Uzamaki before but decided to actually buy it. I still haven’t read Remina or Venus in the Blind Spot, but I probably will this weekend. I didn’t know that that Kazuo Umezz was one of Ito’s inspirations, but after reading the drifting classroom and the bizarre things that was happening in it, I notice they have similar writing styles.

4. Misc.

These were kinda random buys. My aunt actually bought me the MHA ones. She doesn’t really understand how volumes work with comic books so she ended up getting me volumes 22 and 24. As chaotic as I am, even I don’t have it in me to read those two before reading the other chapters. But I’m still very appreciative she bought them for me! I haven’t read Way of the Househusband yet but I’ve heard some great reviews. I think there’s an anime adaption coming soon? Blue Exorcist is a favorite series of mine and thanks to a gift card from my job, I was able to buy the first volume.

My collection isn’t too big right now but its slowly growing! Work in progress. I won’t have to buy a bookshelf anytime soon thats for sure. Do you guys prefer reading digital manga or physical? I suppose it might be easier probably to have a digital collection. Well, until next post. You guys stay safe out there! Times are definitely weird right now.