Spring Semester, Headaches, ToG, Quarantine and AC?

Disclaimer: I figured since I suck so much at blogging I could provide some updates with whats going on in my life that’s keeping me from being a less sucky blogger. It’s pretty boring though, not even gone hold you.

Spring Semester is Over

This has probably been my most interesting semester in undergrad, but it’s finally over! And by over, I mean my last official class was on Tuesday. I still have one more paper to finish up, but it’s not due until the 5th. The procrastinator in me, likes the thrill of completing assignments closer to deadlines. But also, it’s hilarious how I could sit and write this post but not finish my paper.

I’m just happy to have a quick break before I start summer school. Unfortunately, math has been the reason why I don’t have a degree yet. Now that it’s literally my very last class, it’s time to cowgirl the fuck up, and get it over with. After that, I’ll have a degree and no job! So that’s exciting!

My Body is Trying to Kill Me (again)

Since quarantine has started, I have developed very bad migraines, and finally, I went to my doctor (via telephone). I’ve had a hard time looking at screens, lights hurt my eyes, and any noise I hear makes me feel like my ears are gonna bleed. I’m now on some weird medicine, and I’m scheduled for a CT scan. Fingers crossed it’s JUST bad migraines, I really don’t think my anxiety can handle anything other than that.

Tower of God

The other day my twin brother texted me and told me about how much he likes some new show called Tower of God. Which I found out was some Crunchyroll exclusive. Soooo I checked out the first episode, and I liked it a lot! I mean, I knew I would because, usually anything my twin likes, I will too. Also the music is dope! I’m not sure, if miss rona is impacting the airdates of the episodes but I hope it hasnt been put on hiatus (I’ll check after I post this). A lot of shows have unfortunately been delayed due to this stupid virus.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I’m sorry but this is hilarious to look at

I recently invested in a pre-graduation present for myself, and managed to snag a switch lite. To all the scalpers doubling/tripling the prices of these game consoles, there’s literally a private section in hell for you. It’s been a very long time since I owned a handheld gaming device, but so far, I actually really like it. I got this Animal Crossing game because literally everyone I know, kept raving about it. Honestly, I really did not understand the hype, until I started playing it 5 days ago.

A human being, on an island with just animals and a raccoon loan shark, who is helping you build it up. Seems slightly suspicious but I aint knocking it. I just got my nook shop or whatever its called up today, so I’m very ecstatic about that. Highkey, I really have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m interested in continuing my gameplay. If any of you guys play the game, and want to add me as a friend I’ll leave my friend code down below. I’ve yet to visit anyone’s island (mostly because I don’t know how) but I saw some pretty neat ones in YouTube videos.

Anime Marathons?

Even though I have a month left in my program, my job description has become wayyyy extensive. I love my students though, so I suppose I dont mind. This quarantine has allowed me a little bit more free time than usual. So between virtual staff meetings, I have tried to spend most of it binging old anime shows. The new ones on my list are definitely side eying me.

I haven’t finished up My Hero but I do know the season has ended right? I think I’m about 6-8 episodes behind. It’s probably going to stay that way, until the new season airs. I just don’t want it to be over and have my feelings hurt, so I’ll wait to watch them. Really bad habit of mine. I will however start reading the manga, because spoilers don’t scare me!

Quarantine really getting to ya Girl

I will yet again make a promise (to myself even though I’m already lying) to try and come up with a schedule not only for my blog, but maybe for my life in general. I really wish I could show you guys the state of my room right now. It’s in a disarray, which means my life is as well. I’ve just been worried about so many things, specifically work and school. I thought maybe being an introvert I would be okay with being inside, but this is kind of getting out of hand and I do not like it.

I do try to open my curtains, I occasionally leave my apartment to walk outside. Dare I say it, but I actually miss physically going to work? Sometimes I really cannot believe this is happening. I can only imagine how others are handling this. I encourage you all to take care of yourselves mentally, because some people are really going through it.

To My Lovely Twitter Mutuals

This is the last of it, but I just wanted to thank all my twitter mutuals who tag me in those really cool challenges! I really appreciate anyone who’s thinking of my blog, and I just want to say thanks a bunch! And to also please not take it the wrong way, if I do not participate. I’m really grateful, but I also am just weird and as cool as those challenges are, I personally don’t enjoy participating.

I’ll always retweet/like the person who tagged me, and even others in the thread. But I really don’t like to be cast in any sort of spotlight. Honestly, I’m the background character/extra in my own life, I’m sure of it. But still, I appreciate anyone who does tag me. You’re welcome to keep doing so, but I really doubt I’ll participate.

Besides reading, watching anime, and now playing this game, that’s pretty much how I’m trying to cope with this quarantine. Hopefully you guys are doing way better than me. Make sure to stay safe wherever you are!

Here’s my FC: 3131-0570-8058


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