Terror Night Vol.1 Ch.3: Possessed… for Eternity

Terror and Teller

Well, Sei learns that he is possessed by Kuchisake-Onna. But not possessed in the way one would normally think. She is simply enthralled with Sei and because of that she possesses him. Meaning he simply belongs to Kuchisake-Onna. We also learn that “terrors” are monsters born from horror stories, and that a “teller” is a human who make use of terrors. Seems likes some slave type mess. In the previous chapter Hisaruki, aka monkey man, was doing most of monster hunter girl’s bidding (bro I done forgot her name but I’m sure it was mentioned), because they are a pair. When together, as a pair, a terror’s power is weak, however Kuchisake-Onna is a very powerful terror!

Hisaruki is not impressed by Kuchisake-onna, and still tries to kill her, to monster hunter girl’s disdain. Kuchisake-Onna slices some hair off the top of his head, and he instantly decides she is no longer worth killing. Smart move my guy. Before leaving, monster hunter girl tells Sei not to betray Kuchisake-Onna’s feelings of possession towards him. Because if she snaps again, he may very well lose his life.


Sei takes Kuchisake-Onna home and she makes him and Aneki dinner. I also learned that Aneki is actually Sei’s older sister and not younger, which makes sense due to her physique. She’s uhhh quite voluptuous. Aneki has such a childish nature, I thought she was younger. Aneki cracks jokes about what’s going on between her brother and Kuchisake-Onna and even goes as far as to set up a camera to catch them “fooling around.”

Kuchisake-Onna gets ready for bed, and asks Sei to sleep next to her. As much as he doesn’t want to, he remembers what will happen if she gets angry. So he slides in bed with her and she tells him a short story of everything that’s went down, before stumbling upon Sei. She expresses her joy of Sei finding her, and falls asleep. Sei is again, telling himself she’s a normal girl until he snaps back to reality, and remembers she’s a terror.


This is a little confusing, only because I need more clarity on this whole teller and terror business. It seems as if they are bonded pair, but how exactly is that? I understand Sei trying to separate himself may result in his certain death, but would anything else bad would happen? Monster hunter girl mentioned Tellers are humans who make use of humans. And that terrors kill other terrors. What does one get from killing another terror? Money? Goods? Those two were so hellbent on killing Kuchisake-Onna earlier and now they not tryna mess with her, because they gaged her strength.

Hopefully the plot in this becomes more clear. All I got is a 15 year old kid who’s stuck with a some sort of monster, who is already in love with him. She really aint so bad, but obviously if you piss her off, thats another story. I tried to see if I could officially read the manga elsewhere online, unfortunately, its looking like I’m going to be stuck with scanlation. However, I still will look around, I would very much like to finish up the story. I wasn’t expecting to read a horror comedy manga but I kinda like it so far and I wonder what type of things Sei and Kuchisake-Onna about to get into.