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Alrighty, so I have been nominated (I guess idk, we new to this, not true to this) for this fun little thing called the Real Neat Blog award by Everything Is Bad For You which I really appreciate. I’m a new blogger, so honestly this was quite a surprise. If you’re into video/pc game and music reviews, as well as anime reviews check out their blog.

Okay, so the rules are, to answer the questions that have been given to me, come up with 7 questions of my own, and tag 7 other bloggers (that’ll be fun lol)

Here are the questions:

1. How do you feel about content warnings and rating systems (like the MPAA and ESRB rating systems and the famous RIAA Explicit Content sticker?) Are they effective, or is the point of these ratings the same as it was when they were created?

 Do I think they’re effective? Really depends on the person and maybe maturity, and age. I used to never take into consideration ESRB ratings for certain games when I was younger. In my defense, didn’t know what they were for. Just that annoying little sign that would pop up, before the game screen loaded. Because I am a young adult now, I do take the warnings and ratings into consideration more, just due to the current social climate. I’m especially sensitive to extreme violence and blood, so if there’s a sign that will warn me before I see it, I typically avoid it.

With certain games now a days, I do think the ratings are necessary especially for those younger than me. Sims 4 is rated T for teens, but there’s crude humor, sexual themes and violence. Not to mention, good ole’ mods, and I’ve got pretty interesting ones. I certainly would not want my teen cousins playing my sims game. I mean, you can do some pretty crazy things on sims now, that I didn’t even know you could do before I discovered mods. One of my sims ‘accidently’ snorted coke, while she was pregnant and miscarried, and the game displayed the actual evidence of it. Was it one of my best gameplay moments? Not really.

My sims was a crackhead and it truly was a tragic moment…

Certain things I’m okay with watching, but I may not necessarily want someone younger than me playing or watching, unless I could personally determine for myself they were mature enough to handle playing the game. Obviously I can’t do that with people I don’t know, so it would be up to the adult that’s buying whatever game for that minor, to determine that. From what I’ve seen, most parent’s really do not pay too much attention to ratings when buying specific games for their kids. I find this quite interesting.

2. Do you have hard limits as far how short or long a game should be?  Or a book, movie, or album — whichever you have a strong opinion on.

Well in terms of books, not really. I pretty much spend every waking moment reading(and writing). If I’m not working, or in class that’s what I’m doing. I actually prefer very long stories. Because I speed read often, especially when excited, I can finish books rather quickly. Sorta makes me sad afterwards. I wish authors didn’t have page limits. I do enjoy long manga series and often binge read them. If the series is ongoing and I catch up, I get antsy because I’m forced to play the waiting game. So I guess would say, I’m more upset when a book or manga series is short, especially if I like it.

3. How do you keep yourself occupied during your commute or while on a long trip?

I’m that person that has a playlist for literally anything so it’s usually always music. Sometimes I do read on commutes but only if people aren’t near me. I’m slightly paranoid and convinced people like to read over my shoulder since I’m short. DC public transportation, you really never know what you’re going to get. I have a specific playlist I listen to when I’m on a bus, in an uber, walking, and even on planes and trains. I like variety even though some playlists have the same songs.

4. Is there a certain character in a work that you strongly identify with? What is it about that character that you identify with?

Naruto for sure. If y’all have ever heard Go!!! By Flow (who literally hasn’t tho let’s talk) the very first lyrics are “we are fighting dreamers.” I pretty much consider it my life mantra, it’s what’s gotten me through college so far. When I finally get my degree this spring, all the hardships I went through just to get it, will have been worth it. Me and Naruto are both fighting dreamers. He wanted to become Hokage, and help people. I want to get my degree in social work, so that I too, can help people.

There were many obstacles put before me, and it’s hard being a first gen college student, but I’ve managed to pull through each time. Same like how Naruto managed to overcome every obstacle he faced. I was taught to never give up on things I start, and so far I’ve done my best to always commit to whatever I say I’m going to do. It’s my ninja way! I’m gonna get this degree even if it kills me. I’m pretty sure if Naruto was in my world he’d do everything he could to obtain a degree as well.

5. Have you ever read/watched/played a work with a protagonist who you ended up hating, even though you were meant to like them? Who was it and what put you off about them?

what a deadbeat LMFAO

He’s not the main protagonist, but Ging Freecs. I have never hated a fictional character so much! If we really think about it, everything Gon has done in Hunter x Hunter is literally for the sole purpose of meeting his father (and learning why he became a hunter but meh). I was so mad when they came across each other for the very first time. I don’t know what I expected the very first exchange to be like, but what actually went down was quite comical and maddening at the same time. I’m not really sure if Togashi really wanted us to ever like him honestly. Also, maybe it’s just because I’m a woman. I certainly would never leave my kid from a young age, to pursue my dreams. Shout out to Mito san though, love that chick.

we stan supportive mothas

6. Do you prefer to listen to studio or live albums?  Or does it just depend on the band/artist you’re listening to?

Depends on the artist. There’s very few artists that I consider can sing well live. Beyonce? She’s got the range (also im biased bc it’s freaking Bey).

anyone who hates her is sick, period.

I personally think that studio sound engineers, are quite talented in the way they can make an artist sound. Always admired such a skill. I think that’s why I prefer studio versions better. It just hits different when you’re blasting it in your ears, as opposed to a live version. Live versions I have listened to from some artists, you always hear fans in the background singing and I don’t like that.

7. Is there a series (of games, films, novels, whatever) that you used to enjoy but that eventually lost you?  If so, what do you think happened to cause that?

I used to game quite a bit back in my highschool days. I have a twin and my mom would always buy him game consoles. My mom never really let me play video games (I had a gameboy and a ds but I used to have to beg her to buy me games.) I had an obsession with anything Mario Bro. related. When I got older it, I kinda just stopped playing. Now I just spend my time playing sims 4 on my mac. I do however, spend a lot of time on youtube in the gaming section. Even though I no longer play video games, I still enjoy watching others gameplay and some creators have really entertaining edits.

CoryxKenshin is one of my favorite gamers to watch as his edits are quite funny

I don’t really have any bloggers I can tag, mostly because I’m new, and I’m sure the few people I follow have done this plenty of times. So I encourage anyone who comes across this to answer my questions down below in the comment section if you want.

My questions:

Why do you like anime?

What’s one fictional character you’d defend till your last breath and why?

Do you think cartoons/anime shown in this day and age cater more so to young adults/older people or a younger audience and give an example of a cartoon that would explain your answer and reasoning.

What time of day do you usually watch tv or play video games?

What is a movie that changed your life?

If you could have dinner with one famous person, who would it be?

If you could transport yourself to any world and live out the rest of your life there, where would it be?

Again, thank you to Everything Is Bad For You for the nomination 🙂


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