Top 5 Upcoming Winter 2020 Anime I Plan to Watch

New year which means new anime! I’ve seen quite a few titles I’m interested in watching. And by interested, I mean I’m actually going to sit down, and watch them. Instead of adding them to my to watchlist [never to be watched]. Like a typical anime watcher. Below highlights 5 upcoming anime shows, that don’t look like they’ll suck, based off the trailers that have been released for them.

5. ID:Invaded

ID:Invaded follows a brilliant detective named Sakaido, who can track down any criminal. Sakaido is investigating the murder of a young girl. He uses some system, that helps him track killers, by basically entering the killer’s mind, figuring out what their intent is. Something like that. Personally, I’ve literally only seen the trailer, and it looked cool. Other than that, I definitely googled the synopsis and that was the gist of it. There’s already two episodes up via YouTube. Funimation also released the first two episodes for 24 hours. Like back in December. This show is not officially airing till the 6th of this month (I think), which is literally a few days from now. I can either wait for it to air, or just watch the two episodes right now. It is licensed by Funimation, and will be available for streaming on their website, as well as Hulu, AnimeLab (exclusive to Australia and New Zealand), and one other platform. It is science fiction, mystery, maybe some suspense. There’s also a manga adaption that started running just last October of 2019.

4. Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun (Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun)

Hanako-Kun is one of the seven mysteries of Kamome Academy. Said to be able to grant any wish, for a price. Nene Yashiro, seeks out Hanako, in hopes of being able to be granted her wish of having a boyfriend. What Nene doesn’t know at first, upon summoning Hanako, is that Hanako is a boy. The anime adaption will showcase their many adventures together, as Nene becomes the spirit’s assistant. Genre is supernatural, shounen, and comedy. There is a manga adaption that has been running since 2014. The anime adaption will be produced by studio Lerche and licensed by Funimation, for both the subbed and dubbed version. It will be airing on the 9th (I think lol). It looks really promising, plus I love a good occult anime, and these characters are just so darn cute!

3. In/Spectre

Kotoko is the God of wisdom, who often solves many problems for supernatural beings. One problem she can’t seem to solve, is the major crush she has on a boy named Kuro. Kuro is unfortunately feared by all supernatural creatures. Hmm now why is that? Kotoko has Kuro help her solve the various problems these supernatural beings have, in the hopes that the boy will fall in love with her. It’s a comedy, mystery, shounen, supernatural anime. It will be airing on January 11-12th. The manga adaption has been running since 2015 and is not yet completed. As well as a novel thats been out since 2011. I personally love a good mystery, and that Kuro fellow sure looks like he could be hiding something.

2. Dorohedoro

This is dead one of the rawest trailers I’ve seen in a minute. And there weren’t even any English subtitles.

Okay so first off, lemme start by saying brah….this trailer was literally phenomenal. The art work and designs are literally so cool, and almost nostalgic. I don’t know why, but it’s giving me Akira vibes lowkey, especially just because its in this post apocalyptic world setting. It’s manga adaption has been running since 2000 and finished in 2018. Usually I never care about the creator’s art styles, but after seeing this trailer, I am quite intrigued, to look at the manga.

Dorohedoro tells the story of Caiman, a man who was left with the head of a reptile, after a tragic incident with a sorcerer. Caiman has no recollection of his former life, and is on a mission to regain his memory back. He and his close friend, Nikaido, travel around the Hole. The Hole is a dismal place, in which humans reside, and are used as lab rats for the Sorcerers. Caiman goes around killing Sorcerers, and putting their heads in his mouth, as it is the only way to confirm, whether that sorcerer is the one who changed him or not. He is also immune to magic, which makes him dangerous to Sorcerers. This plot actually sounds way cooler than I initially thought at first, so I might be finding myself reading the manga sooner than I think.

1. Darwin’s Game

Kaname Sudo decides to play a mobile game app called Darwin’s game. Mistakenly entering himself into what is essentially, a death match. This actually aired today (and I will be watching it once this post goes up). When I read the description, I was like this sounds like some Future Diary type mess. But then I watched the trailer, and said you know what? This some Future Diary type mess! And I’m here for it! Battle Royale, last man standing, AND everyone has supernatural powers to aide them? This is gonna be good! It’s available to stream on Funimation and licensed by Aniplex. The Manga adaption has been running since 2012, with a good 19 volumes. Genre is action adventure, supernatural, mystery, and shounen.

This concludes my top 5 winter 2020 anime lineup. I think this is probably the most excited I have ever been, to actually watch new anime. Lemme know what new 2020 anime you guys are excited about watching as well!