Unpopular Opinions Tag Post

Okay I know I am super duper late, and I really have no excuse for why, I have not gotten this post up. Other than it just slipped my mind. First, just wanted to thank Iniksbane for nominating me! Normally, whenever I see someone has tagged me in a post or a tweet tagging me for something blogging related, I freeze up like

I more than appreciate when people tag me, and I never mean to appear ungrateful, or rude even, if I never respond with a thank you tweet or post at all, I just get very uhh, anxious I suppose. I’m a background person, and I normally don’t participate in those tags, just cuz I don’t like any sort of spotlight on me. I guess it’s just the way I grew up. I was the shy twin and my brother was the more friendly and outgoing twin.

Anyways, this is supposed to be an unpopular opinions post, not a spiel on why I’m socially awkward, and don’t like any sort of attention. I really don’t think any of my opinions could ever be considered by anyone as unpopular though. Or popular…honestly who the heck cares what I think? Either way, I don’t think anyone will get triggered by anything I say.

A Popular Anime You Don’t Like

Ehhh I can’t really think of an anime that I dislike, that is popular. Well, actually, mmm no. I don’t like the ending of Inuyasha (I accidentally read a spoiler) so because of that, it’s stopped me from ever trying to finish the anime. It just doesn’t sit right with me that she really decided to live in feudal Japan, and everyone in her family was like “okay yeah!” I’ll finish it eventually though. I am interested to watch Yashahime: Princess Half Demon, however. I’m always down to watch spin off shows about popular anime character’s offsprings. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.

An Anime Everyone Hates But I Love

I guess, it’s kinda subjective, and I do tend to watch a lot of mainstream anime. It would depend on how delusi- I mean how hard you go for your fandom. “Everyone” has different opinions. It’s kind of hard to really generalize who would hate a specific anime I love. I do love Naruto however, and I have seen plenty of people try and trash it, in order to defend MHA. I think it’s kinda dumb to compare the two for certain reasons, but fandoms are like that. It’s funny just because I am apart of both. But MHA fans do be trippin’ not even gone hold y’all.

A Love Triangle Where They Didn’t End Up With Who I Wanted

Can’t really think of a love triangle right now, but they just seem so messy in general. I don’t think I would enjoy an anime that involved love triangles. My feelings would be too invested.

A Popular Anime Genre You Hardly Watch

Not sure if the harem genre anime can be considered popular. But I don’t like that genre at all. I also can’t say that I have watched many anime that was harem. Currently, I am watching Rent a Girlfriend right now however, and it’s not so bad. I just am not into harem as much, because I’m not into the trope where the guy gets multiple love interests. There’s probably anime where the role is reversed and the female lead has multiple love interests too. I just secretly think, the guys in harem anime don’t deserve that much attention from multiple beautiful women. So I prefer to steer clear of shows like that. I also don’t really watch that much slice of life.

A Beloved Character I Dislike

Okay, so maybe I’m a player hater low-key, I don’t know. Bakugo annoys the shit outta me. I actually don’t like him at all, based off the sole fact that he is rude. I cannot stand rude people, real or fictional. But I’d be a liar if I said he never made me laugh before. I’d like him more, if he were just little bit nicer to his classmates, and mean to everyone else. I know deep down, like way deep where no one can see, he’s capable of caring deeply for others in his own Bakugo way.

A Popular Anime I Can’t Get Into/Not Interested in Watching Over the Manga

One Piece. To be fair I really did try to read the manga. All first 10 chapters….it couldn’t hold my interest. I’m sure it’s not a bad series, I simply just can’t get into it. I don’t know what fans see that I’m not seeing, although many have told me the reasons why they enjoy it so much. I can’t say I will pick the manga back up, or start the show ever again. Great gowns…beautiful gowns….

Me when people ask me what I think of One Piece even though I never watched it before

Not going to tag anyone because….I’m so late making this post that really, I’m just embarrassed, and I’m sure whoever I would tag probably did it already. I’m gonna go think about why I can’t be a better blogger 😆