Watching the First and Last Episode of Odd Taxi

Hi there, hello! It’s me with our terribly scheduled monthly blog post! Not gonna lie, this was supposed to go out for the month of August. Lot’s of things have been goin on, and the blog took a backseat. But I wanted to try and get a post out this month, before I forgot. This is another first and last post, where I watch the first and last episode of an anime and decide whether or not I’ll finish it. A very chaotic method as mentioned in previous posts, but I so enjoy being chaotic.

This post will be a tad different as I’ve actually seen the first three episodes of this show, thanks to Drey and Lizzo from Soulcial Dreamin Entertainment! They have a twitch where they host a lot of watch parties and I popped in to see they were starting this show. I had this show in my watchlist for a while, but it always takes me a while to start shows. To be fair I’ve got a crazy backlog of anime I need to watch.

Disclaimer: Not gonna lie I’m too lazy to put pictures on this one, plus if I added pics for the last episode I’d be revealing a major spoiler so sorry in advance! I did do my best to hide the spoilers that I did talk about in this post. If you’re on mobile however…good luck charlie because I just know the spoilers don’t show on desktop/laptop

Anyways, what’s the show about sis?

Odd taxi follows Odokawa, a taxi driver who lives a pretty boring life. He drives people around in his taxi, begrudgingly listening to whatever life story they decide to spew out. In the midst of these daily interactions, he somehow becomes involved in the plot of girl gone missing.

First Episode Random Thoughts

  1. The opening song is actually really nice –will be looking up the song later.
  2. Forgot the show is english sub *goes to grab glasses*
  3. Odokawa owns a private taxi–neat.
  4. There’s a cute girl-band in the show and their song is nice too–will also be looking that one up.
  5. Odokawa clearly does not like talking to passengers.
  6. Also this show has nothing but animals.
  7. The first episode is titled “The eccentric driver” but it is very clear that Odokawa is not very…eccentric in terms of being outgoing.
  8. This hippo nosy as hell and thinks Odokawa is a player hater.
  9. I’d be sick if I left my phone in a taxi.
  10. Who tf is Odokawa talking to in his apartment if he lives alone.
  11. Odokawa is single–not surprised.
  12. I wonder what he takes medicine for?
  13. It’s like a billion taxis in the city and I find it ironic that the missing girl would get into the main character’s taxi.
  14. So one of the cops in this show is potentially a dirty cop–acab.
  15. Odokawa has another friend who is basically a bum and a liar.
  16. It is implied Odokawa has some sort of maybe neurological condition but its not really specified.
  17. This big a city but rumors get around quickly sheesh.
  18. There are way too many types of monkeys in this show.
  19. Pretty sure the nurse in this show is stealing drugs–she’s an alpaca!
  20. Oh joy another monkey—but he’s a gang member and he’s working with the police omg?
  21. Cute ending song.

In the first episode, Odokawa starts his night off driving home a hippo who is obsessed with going viral. We don’t know the hippo’s name yet but we will see him later. There’s a girl that has gone missing, and instantly Odokawa is suspected by a cop, who dislikes him a lot. Odokawa does not have many friends, mostly Goriiki and Eiji, who are both monkeys. Goriiki is a doctor who treats Odokawa , but it is not made clear what exactly he’s being treated for. Goriiki actually wants Odokawa to go to a bigger hospital to be treated as well. Eiji is what I am assuming, is a janitor. He’s a bum and he’s broke (yikes), and spends his time on dating apps basically lying about his entire life. This is important for later episodes but I wont spoil. The entire first episode we are just introduced to the characters that will make an appearance in Odokawa’s life. They are recurring, and each play some sort of role to the central plot of the story–the missing girl. Also, the dirty cop took Odokawa’s dashboard cam, believing the girl would be on that camera. Instead of turning it in, the cop gave the footage to a thug–who is also a monkey. Oh, and Odokawa is talking to someone in his apartment but the person is never shown on screen. He lives alone, but the neighbor has heard his conversations to this mysterious person. Lot’s of sneaky things going on in this show.

As stated before, I did watch a few of the episodes down the line. It’s sort of hard to piece together a consistent timeline as lots of things occurred in the show. Watching the last episode I will be able to piece together certain character’s and situations but I’ll also do my best to not spoil too much.

Last Episode Random Thoughts

  1. Odokawa is driving and he actually looks scared. I noticed he always has this deadpan look on his face, so its both nice and alarming to see expression.
  2. Why is everyone after him omg?
  3. I know this is like a drama mystery, but things got super dark
  4. The journal entry that we are listening to sounds like it could be Odokawa but I am not entirely sure
  5. Who is Hiroshi?
  6. This person reading the journal prompt sounds human, but I haven’t seen any humans in this show so what a twist.
  7. Someone’s daughter died.
  8. Odokawa is literally in a high speed chase but why…
  9. I see a new character! A cat!
  10. Lots of cats and monkeys in this show.
  11. Ahh so it is revealed what Odokawa’s condition is which may explain the way he interacts with others.
  12. The background music!
  13. If Odokawa dies in this show I wont watch it I swear.
  14. money money money.
  15. So many things are happening oh my gosh.
  16. Okay so the journal entry is Odokawa’s.
  1. He’s rich!
  3. The murderer is revealed but they weren’t caught omg?
  4. Oh yeah I gonna watch this show full out.
  5. GIVE US A SECOND SEASON (we not getting one).

Wow so many emotions and I barely watched the episodes between the first and last!

This will be a pretty biased rating considering I’ve seen maybe 6/13 episodes for the show. I still can’t tie everything together however. But I give it a 9/10.

Also, I kind of feel like the ending left on a bit of a cliffhanger. Will there be a second season? The main plot of the show was the missing girl. Still not sure how Odokawa was involved. I definitely plan to watch the show full out now, as I’d love to see how everyone was tied to the story. I definitely recommend if you like mystery and drama, plus the plot twist was absolutely insane! It’s also got deadpan humor which I enjoy a lot (think Saiki K). It’s so funny because I definitely said this show reminded me of Beastars, but with the plot-twist at the end, it’s little different. I really like when shows conclude and I’m left still wondering what next? I think there’s definitely season two potential, even though Odokawa’s condition has been fixed. I would love to see more of his life and those around him.

That concludes our first/last entry for the month and I hope you guys are staying safe and until next post!


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