Beastars Recap & Final Thoughts (Episodes 9-12)

Im going to be completely honest with y’all, it took me a while to finish up the last few episodes, because this show is…..a mess. For lack of better words, I suppose.


Anyways, we learn a quick little backstory on Louis. He’s a product of the black market, and was adopted by another deer, who was crazy basically. Papa deer, made Louis fight against other carnivores. I still don’t think its an excuse for his behavior. BUT it does explain where the inferiority complex comes from.

Shishi Gumi

Haru is kidnapped by a gang called the Shishi-Gumi, run by vicious lions. While Legoshi is super gung-ho to go save his lady, Louis is like hell no. As a result he gets his ass beat, rightfully so, by Leggo face. Legoshi wonders off to the black market and is almost mugged when Gohin, the panda from an earlier episode, saves him. They locate the Shishi-Gumi headquarters and open a can of whoop ass upon the lion henchmen.

We learn a little more about Haru’s background as well, and why she has chosen such a path of sexual liberation. She also explores her feelings for Leggo face, before she is to get eaten by boss lion. Legoshi finally reaches her and disarms the lion boss, and they walk out together not realizing that they have not completely evaded death. Louis comes to the rescue though.

Les get it onnnnn

The couple spend the night in a loveeee hotel (honestly if y’all know what type of hotel it really was please tell me, because I am very clueless.) Legoshi admits to having attacked Haru that night and then they try to have sex. A very cringe scene indeed, however the teens are unable to go through with the deed, as Haru’s rabbit instincts kick in and she backs off.

They make it back to school, and Juno (this is one sneaky wolf let me tell y’all) visits Legoshi in the infirmary. She tries to push up on my guy, but Leggo face is not having it okay! I know she is SICK that he doesn’t want her! Hate to see it boo. She knows about Haru and even confronts the bunny rabbit, claiming she’ll surpass her as a woman (whatever the hell that means.)

The Drama club performs at the festival. Side note: I can’t remember if its a festival or not, I was watching Clannad before this, and their drama club was prepping for a festival too. But anyway, Juno pulls a stunt thrusting Legoshi into an unwanted spotlight. This hurts Haru’s feelings, and she runs off. Legoshi finds her, and after a brief argument he finally professes his love to Haru. He makes a promise to her that he will get stronger, in order to be with her.

What’s in store for season 2?

I have so many questions. I’m not sure how I ran across the spoiler about Louis, but I am interested to see how his development is impacted. Also, I guess they said fuck Tem’s murder investigation? The description of the show sort of implied that Tem’s murder would be solved. Or that Legoshi would investigate it. If I’m not mistaken, this wolf made not one move towards even attempting to investigate his friend’s death. So I am hoping in season 2, we actually get an update on his death, or explore the circumstances of it more. There was more attacks similar to Tem’s, which means there’s some sort of killer on the loose. I wonder if it’s someone at the academy?

Why doesn’t he just eat her already?

I like Leggo face, but boy is that child a complex individual. And this basic animal instinct thing is killing me. He’s struggling to be with her because his instinct is to actually eat her. I wonder if his feelings are actually mixed. Maybe he’s confusing the need to eat her for love? I just think it’s sort of crazy that he’s really having to fight his own nature over her. Personally, I wish he’d just eat her already, maybe there would be some sort of satisfaction who knows?

I hate to be that person too, but I’m not feeling them as a couple. But my Gem trait is kicking in (Geminis are so indecisive.) They are sorta cute, but the rational side of me is like this can’t work because they’re two different species! And they’re both having to fight their own animal instincts just to be together. Seems like a lot for love is all I’m saying. I don’t see it working out, and if anything their relationship will just get more and more complicated.

My final thoughts

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this show. I like it, but I’m not used to watching shows like this. Don’t think I would recommend it, off the top of my head, to others either. I have all these questions and I wonder if they’ll ever be answered. I’m tempted to actually read the manga. Decisions…. All in all though, the show isn’t bad. The ending scene wasn’t bad either, although I feel like it was very obvious who Leggo face was talking to.

It’s still not sitting right in my spirit with a wolf and a bunny rabbit having sex, but I mean if that’s what the creator wants, then who am I to judge. There were also other things that caught my attention about the show, such as Haru’s character. Her sexual identity being a highlight in the show is interesting. What I hope to see more of in the second season (should I decide to watch) is maybe a little more insight on Legoshi’s background. I want to know how he came to be so shy and timid despite being a carnivore. We know a little of why he acts that way, but when did it start? What are his parent’s like? Also random but I like that towards the end, you can actually see how his disposition has changed. He seems way happier than when we first met him.

Should you watch Beastars?

Like I said, it’s not a bad show at all. Once you get past animals with human characteristics its all good. I mean they’re teens who are not only having to deal with their animal instincts, but also having to deal with sexual instincts too. Totally normal. If you like drama, and romance with some mystery and thriller thrown in, its not so bad. I do think the mystery aspect is a little lackluster but maybe it’ll be improved in the next season. Also, if you can get past the cringe lust scenes, then you can practically do anything! I don’t regret watching it on a whim, that’s for sure.

What did you guys think of Beastars? Has anyone read the manga? If you haven’t seen it, would you consider watching it?

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