KnY Ch. 175: Fear the Afterlife. The Demise of Kokushibo?

I Finally Did it!

Well, after telling myself many a times I would read this manga I finally did. Took me the entire weekend, but I did it and now I’m sad. I now am among those who will have to wait for weekly chapter releases. And resist the urge to spoil it for anime only watchers. Side-note do you guys still watch the anime even if you read the manga for the same story or vice versa? Let me know. Anyways some crazy shit has gone down as we read through the dimensional infinity fortress arc.

Towards the end of the 164th chapter, we read on, as the mist pillar, Muichiro, encounters the upper moon demon one. Presumably the strongest out of all twelve and the oldest. From that chapter forward, Muichiro and Kokushibo fight until the stone, and wind pillars, as well as Genya jump in to help.

Over the course of the chapters, the four men give their all to try to bring the demon down but to no avail. At some point in the battle, Genya ends up consuming some of the demon’s hair and flesh. This grants him demon abilities to fight with. Genya uses his blood demon art called wooden flesh bullets,” to essentially pin Kokushibo down. Tree roots actually grow inside of him and prevents him from moving. This was in the previous chapter.

Kokushibo’s memories

We then go to a flashback scene, where Kokoshibo recounts the time where he knew he was in sure danger. He briefly describes his twin brother and how he almost dies at his brother’s hands. Flashforward back to the present day battle, Kokushibo finds the resolve to survive the attacks against the pillars and Genya.

Kokushibu refuses to be defeated!

Next, he breaks out of his hold and begins to viciously go on the offense again, surprising Muichiro. They fight a little, and Muichiro stabs the upper moon, who then notices his sword has turned red. Genya, on the floor, practically dying from being sliced like a vegetable, uses his blood demon art once again. This one being his ” blood roots” technique. Roots grow inside of Kokushibo, preventing him from being able to activate his moon style, and drains his blood.

Genya has placed his demon art on the Upper Moon

Held in place once again, the pillars go in for what is hopefully the final blow, and Kokushibo recognizes Muichiro’s blade, that has turned red, and remembers his brother again. They reminisce on how the new generation will surpass them and the chapter ends.

Did they finally defeat him???

I’m assuming the next chapter for sure, Kokushibo had to have been killed. It is mentioned it takes three pillars just to beat an upper moon. I wonder how hard it will be to kill Muzan? He literally is like the last boss you gotta defeat after defeating all the mini bosses. Also Tamayo-san has made the medicine for turning demons back to humans and Nezuko has taken some! I wonder if the series will end now. Will the medicine work? If Muzan doesn’t die, but Nezuko becomes human again will he lose interest in her? I really want her to be human again, but it would be cool if she retained her demon art. Maybe she could be a demon slayer herself. Who knows. Unfortunately, I have to wait until next week now. Check out other manga recaps here


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