KnY Ch 176: Samurai

Kokushibo recounts his younger days with his brother, Yoriichi, in the midst of fighting the pillars. He notices they are different in that their skills are quite impressive, even if they do not practice the breath of sun.

Kokushibo makes the resolve again, to not lose to them and grows stronger. Gyomei encourages Sanemi to push forward, and to give his all in order to defeat the upper moon. The two continue on fighting. Side note *as I’m writing this recap I wanna take the time to point out I really was not paying attention to the fact that Tokito, as well as Genya were basically dead/dying. It wasn’t until I read the latest chapter today (179) that I fully realized how many deaths occurred during this battle.*

Kokushibo regenerates again, but not as fast as he usually does. In the midst of battle, Kokushibo sees his brother, who asks if his dream is to be the strongest samurai in the land. Kokushibu asks himself, if this is what he really wanted (to be the strongest samurai in the land.)

As he contemplates this, his body begins to crumble. Kokushibo declares he is shameful in the sense that he has been defeated, and contemplates the life he has led, up until this very moment. At this moment, the upper moon recounts again how he wanted to be so strong and live forever, to the point where he became a demon and consumed humans. And he did all this….. just so he could be like his brother.

Y’all know how at the very end of every demons life they’ve got like this really sad backstory that’s supposed to explain what led up to them becoming demons and ultimately their very deaths? Well I didn’t feel all too bad in this instance for Kokushibo. And the very next chapter explains perfectly why I honestly can’t feel one ounce of sympathy for the demon.

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