KnY Ch. 183: A Clash of Wills Recap/Review

The Lovely Decoy!

The fortress is going to collapse soon, making it hard to fight. My lovely Mitsuri is having a hard time fighting, because Muzan is just so darn scary! These next couple of pages, we see what lead up to my gemini queen making her big entrance. Basically, Yushiro reveals himself as a demon to Mitsuri, and tells her that unless she’s a moron, she’ll actually do what he says.

Of course, my love is NOT a moron so she agrees to help. Yushiro tells her to basically act as a decoy, so that he may sneak up on Nakime, and control her sense of sight as well as her mind. He wants to convince Muzan, through Nakime, that the pillars and other demon slayers are dead, so that they can gather in one central place, to finally defeat him.

Clash of Wills

As Muzan and Yushiro fight for control over Nakime, the infinity fortress begins to collapse, due to the clash of wills. Everyone knows they need to attack Muzan, to keep him distracted, but its quite hard with the fortress moving all over the place.

Muzan does eventually deduce that it is in fact, Yushiro near Nakime, and makes a vow to kill him. Yushiro is fighting for control over Nakime, but Muzan is quite strong and trying to absorb Yushiro’s cells through her. We get a little comedic relief, as a fellow demon slayer offers his life to Yushiro, if it means he’ll be able to defeat Muzan. Yushiro tells him to shut up.

Giyu and Obanai go in to attack Muzan with their breath styles, and Muzan goes on the defense. Distracted by the attack, Yushiro is able to gain some more control over Nakime. Muzan then begins to kill Nakime, which will prompt the fortress to collapse, since she’s the one in control of it. Everyone is still fighting against Muzan as the fortress collapses.

Mini ObaMitsu moment Before Fortress Collapse

Tanjiro looks around at all the lives that have been lost, and wonders if they died with regret. While he’s thinking, Muzan attacks him. Iguro warns everyone that if they don’t get outside, they will all die from the fortress collapsing on them. Muzan goes in to attack Mitsuri. I’m not entirely sure what happens next, but in the next panel, it looks as if Iguro grabs Mitsuri again. Someone throws a sword into Muzan’s head. I’m not sure if it’s Iguro’s sword or not though. Either way, I’m always here for my Orochimaru 3.0 saving his lady.

The fortress collapses and everyone flies out of it, and into the night. The chapter ends.


This fight has been going on for quite some chapters, it’s almost hard to believe it’s been going on all night. I wonder how far they have until morning? At the rate everything is going, I’m almost positive the sun is their best bet at defeating Muzan, like Tanjiro said. Because Muzan really on they ass right now. I hate that Tanjiro getting his ass beat. But like obviously, it would be so unrealistic for the MC, to not be on the brink of death in situations like this.

I mean, even if he died, I wouldn’t be surprised. Muzan is hella powerful. Tanjiro is literally only human. I definitely feel like the series may be coming to an end. Like what other plot twist could there be at this point? I still would like to know what’s going on with our girl Nezuko! Did the medicine work or not? Also WHERE is Sanemi and Gyomei and Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Kanae???? Did they make it out??? Who knows but onwards!


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