The End of Demon Slayer?

I know I’ve been doing a horrible job with posting recaps for this story, but if you follow me on twitter (@BlerdyOtaku, hehe self plug) then you know I have been reading Demon Slayer, and whew chilayyyyy. A LOT has transpired. Tanjiro really has been put through the ringer!

Muzan has been defeated!

My last few recaps were about the fight with Muzan. Now, I have seen some long fights, but never did I EVER think it would take 20 plus chapters to finally defeat Muzan. And now that he’s dead, I don’t really know how to feel? I just feel like the climax was super lackluster. I fully expected him to get away, and the fact that he didn’t only tells me one thing. Maybe Gotōge is finally deciding the series is coming to a close. Which hurts me *sad face.


Nezuko is finally human! Unfortunately she’s made it late to the fight, and it looks like Tanjiro may be dead. I’ve said this before, but if he really did die, I wouldn’t feel much sadness. MC’s die everyday b. But then she’d be so alone, so I guess I would feel a little sad. It also looks like more of the pillars, are also dying. I think Gotōge hates us honestly, because why she keep killing off people. Unless there’s like a specific reason, I really don’t understand. It’s nice we learned their backstory’s before their deaths. However, I just feel like there was more room for each character to grow more! It’s unfortunate that we may not get to see that. Also how random is it that everyone on the right side of the chapter cover is *possibly dead? Whew.

What’s Next?

Poor Giyu, he really looked out for Tanjiro, and now he feels like he failed him and Nezuko. I really refuse to believe Tanjiro is dead, there’s been a lot of twists in the series. But also since the main antagonist has been defeated and, Nezuko is human again, there’s really no reason to continue the story. But if/when the series does end, we still have the anime to look forward to! It’s pretty popular, and personally I am very excited to see certain arcs animated. This was a really good series and if it ends I shall miss it a lot. I’d even go as far to say it’s a perfect introduction for someone who’s never watched anime before as well!

What of Demon Slayers?

I do wonder what will happen to fate of demons and demon slayers. Muzan was the one creating the demons. Now that he’s dead, the demand for demon slayers will go down. What will be of the Demon Slayer Corps? Does Muzan have a secret successor we don’t know about? Just questions I have since it’s possible the series would end. Maybe the pillars will live regular lives now. What will be of Nezuko? Giyu is too much of a loner for her to just hang out and travel with him. I hope for her sake, her brother is alive.

I believe a new chapter is coming out this weekend. So maybe some of my questions will be answered. I’m very excited to see what happens next!

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