KnY Ch 179: Love Between Brothers

This title really embodies the chapter, and unfortunately two more people have died within the series. *sad face*

Kokushibo is finally dead. Gyomei urges Sanemi to stop, but it’s as if his mind and body is still in attack mode. He is unconscious, but his body still fights on. Gyomei goes to Genya’s side, who urges the stone pillar to go help Tokito. Sanemi is placed by his brother, and Gyomei muses over Tokito’s death. Unfortunately, the mist pillar is dead. He actually died a few chapters back *I was reading too fast and didn’t catch his death.*

Tokito wakes up in another place and sees his brother who is angry that he has died. They talk for awhile and Muichiro talks of how happy he was when his brother and parents were alive. When they died he felt much pain, but he eventually made friends and was able to smile again and be happy. For this, he regrets nothing, not even laying down his life for his friends. The two embrace, and Muichiro’s brother expresses sadness that he has died.

Sanemi finally regains consciousness and flies into a fit of terror as he sees Genya’s body disappearing. Genya apologizes for what happened between them, claiming he was just in pain. He thanks Sanemi for watching out for him, which upsets the pillar even more. Genya expresses how he just wanted to take care of Sanemi, like how he took care of him. He claims Sanemi as being the nicest person ever, and thanks him, before completely disappearing. Did I cry? Yes, yes I did. Gyomei tells Sanemi to raise his head, because it’s not over until Muzan is defeated.

If one more person dies, I will literally scream. I can honestly say I did not care about the mist pillar dying. But Genya dying really struck a nerve. I wasn’t even attached to him, but I was interested in seeing his development and now we will never get to see it. So now, that’s three pillars dead now (Rengoku, Shinobu and now Tokito someone correct me if I am wrong.) And like one demon slayer dead. I’m mad. I wonder how Sanemi will fair now.

Hopefully Muzan will meet his demise, but I’m not too sure. So far, most of the upper moons are dead, but I think the one to watch out for is the Biwa demon. The one who is now upper moon 4 I believe. She controls the infinity fortress. Which means that if Muzan has any chance of escaping, then Biwa demon lady is literally his best bet.

Also from previous chapters, we have learned that Nezuko has taken Tamayo-san’s medicine that turns her back to human. Will it work? I personally hope it does, but what will that mean for the series? Assuming if the medicine does work, Muzan will no longer have a reason to go after Nezuko. The series would be over due to two possibilities: Muzan dies, or Nezuko becomes human, OR Muzan dies AND Nezuko becomes human. I doubt there will be a possibility where Muzan dies, but the medicine DOESNT work. Either way, I’m really not ready for the series to end. there’s so much more I want to know about characters. I’m thinking Muzan will escape death for sure.


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