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Beastars Recap & Final Thoughts (Episodes 9-12)

Finally finished the last few episodes. Here’s my final thoughts on Beastars and Legoshi and Haru’s complicated mixed species relationship.

Beastars thoughts (Episodes 5-8)

My thoughts on Beastars episodes 5-8. Does contain some spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Darwin’s Game Ep 1: First Game Recap/Review

Kaname Suda mistakenly enters a literal game of life and death, after deciding to open a mobile app on his phone called Darwin’s Game.

MHA S4 Ep.7: GO!!

The police obtain a warrant to search the Hassaikai headquarters where Eri is being held. The raid turns violent very fast as heroes race to find the girl!

MHA S4 Ep. 6: An Unpleasant Talk

A group of pro heroes, as well as some UA students, gather to meet and discus the Shie Hassaikai as well as a plan to save Eri, the small girl with Chisaki.

MHA S4 Ep. 5: Let’s Go, Gutsy Red Riot!

Red Riot aka Kirishima,best boy is patrolling the city, with Pro hero Fat Gum & Amajiki, when suddenly he chases after a villian who has taken a weird drug.

MHA S4 Ep. 4: Fighting Fate Recap/Review

Mirio and Midoriya run into a strange girl and Overhaul. Later, Midoriya confronts All Might about keeping secrets from him.

MHA S4 Ep3: Boy Meets… Recap/Review

Izuku has 3 minutes to prove to Nighteye he is worthy of doing work study under him. The other classmates have a hard time finding work study.

Junji Ito Col. Fashion Model/ The Long Dream

Iwasaki can’t get the image of a creepy model out of his head. Mami has an intense fear of dying and the grim reaper visiting her room at night isnt helping

Junji Ito Col. Souichi’s Convenient Curse/Hell Doll Funeral

Souichi is an awkward young boy who enjoys placing curses on people. A couple must decide to lay their doll daughter to rest.

MHA S4 Ep2 Recap/Review:Bad guys Fight & Sir Nighteye

The League of Villains meet with Overhaul & Young Midoriya considers doing his work study under Sir Nighteye, but will the pro hero take on the teen?

MHA S4 Ep1: The Scoop on U.A Class 1-A Recap/Review

Get the inside scoop on class 1-A, as journalist, Mr. Tokuda searches among the students to discover All Might’s successor. Will Midoriya be found out?

BEM Anime Recap Episode 2: Bela & the Liar

Bela meets a strange woman who claims to have known her from her school days. This episode we learn how Bela came to obtain her humanoid appearance….

BEM Anime Recap Episode 1: Water

BEM follows 3 humanoid demons who protect humans from bad demons and humans, in a crime ridden city, in the hopes of one day becoming humans themselves.