KnY Ch. 186 & 187 Recap/Review

Chapter 186 Recap

In the past, we see a long haired Tanjiro. Really, it’s his ancestor Sumiyoshi, and Yoriichi has come to visit him. In present day, Murata lies over a dying Tanjiro, trying to save him. A fellow demon slayer intervenes, asking to help save Yushiro. Back to Sumiyoshi (With Tanjiro inside his body) and Yoriichi. He tells Sumiyoshi of his past, which we learned a little of already, in previous chapters through his twin. We learn further about the new family he gains and then loses, to a demon. This prompts him to become a demon slayer, going around teaching breathing techniques. He eventually runs into Muzan and along with him, is a young Tamayo-san.

My Thoughts

I’m glad we learned more about Yoriichi’s past from his perspective. It’s so tragic half the demon slayers we’ve met, only joined due to losing their families from demon attacks. But I mean, yay for numbers? I wonder how Tamayo-san got strung along into being stuck with Muzan. Damn she was old as heck too. Wow. I hope whatever Tanjiro learns from Yoriichi doesn’t take too long. Who knows how much longer this battle will go on. And he’s also dying. So, whatever the key is to defeating Muzan, I hope we learn it soon.

Chapter 187 Recap

Yoriichi recounts his very first meeting with Muzan, describing his nature. They begin battling, Yoriichi knows that even one scratch from Muzan, would instantly kill him. For the first time in his life, he felt fear. Woah. Yoriichi was looking [sorta] like a Billy badass in my eyes. The guy just seemed unbeatable is all I’m saying. So for him to have experienced actual fear upon coming face to face Muzan? Muzan really had everybody shook even hundreds of years back. Anyways, they battle and Yoriichi manages to injure Muzan very severely, to the point where the demon is unable to regenerate. Muzan gets very angry at a question Yoriichi asks, and his body goes into frenzy mode. He also manages to escape death from the demon slayer.

Yoriichi later learns about his twin becoming a demon, and his fellow demon slayers further ostracize him, for his encounter with Muzan and Tamayo. Yoriichi is deeply upset by everything that has transpired, and even Tanjiro/Sumiyoshi do not have the words to comfort him. He wishes for Yoriichi to find some sort of peace.

My Thoughts

If there was a special olympics for who had the worst tragedies occur to them, Yoriichi wins, hands down. The tragedy olympics. Imagine you’re a successful demon slayer, and one day all your homies stroll up on you like “ay brah, ya brothers’ a demon.” After you just let the strongest demon of all time, and his side-kick escape. First of all, I’m going into hiding. And who gave them the right to tell the six year old head at the time, to give a grown man an ultimatum? Make it make sense. Not to sound harsh but, like all this sad stuff is making me….sad. I kind of don’t want the story to end, but I also really want Muzan to get capped. I’ll be glad when we reach some sort of turning point in this arc.