KnY Ch.184 & 185 Recap/Review

Ch 184 Recap

Tanjiro has made it out of the fortress alive, which means fortunately [or rather unfortunately] so has Muzan! There’s an hour and a half left until sunrise, however Muzan is still quite strong. And he’s really pissed at all the demon slayers right about now. The pillars continue fighting the demon. While attacking, they realize their attacks aren’t really effective against Muzan. He’s regenerating too fast! Other demon slayers jump in, helping the pillars. Too bad they aren’t as skilled as pillars because, Muzan is literally cutting them down left and right. Cutting to Tanjiro, we see our mans dying a very slow, and presumably painful death. The wounds he received earlier weren’t that bad, but then Muzan went and mixed some of his blood in. We all know what happens when Muzan injects too much blood into others….

My Thoughts

The chapter translation kinda sucks, but thats what I get for relying on scanlation. Someone had already spoiled Tanjiro’s “death.” He is the MC though, so I know the mangaka won’t play us and kill him off that quickly/easily….like she’s been doing with these other fellas. My wife, aka the gemini queen, has not died yet, and I really hope I don’t jinx anything. I personally have not cared about any character in this series so far, except for Miss Mitsuri Kanroji. Literally Tanjiro could actually die right now and I would be like

Sure he’s great and all but even despite all he’s went through I’m just like meh

I know most people die to further plots in stories, as well as progress the development of other characters. But there are at least 2-3 deaths that have happened, that I really cannot understand. Especially pillar deaths. I know they are only humans at the end of the day. However, I was under the impression that pillars were super strong individuals. Sucks their strengths are not as evenly matched with that of an Upper Moon’s. Three pillars just to take down one demon? I’m upset. But what can you do I guess. Anyways, I predict Nezuko is probably the only one who can save her brother. She’s got that demon art that burns blood or something like that. I’m sure she can help Tanjiro out.

Ch. 185 Recap

Nezuko, is at the demon slayer headquarters. For the past few chapters, we’ve known that Nezuko has taken Tamayo-san’s medicine, to be changed back into a human. I was really anticipating on it working, but clearly it did not. Because Nezuko takes off running, to obviously get to her brother, who is dying. Kiriya Ubuyashiki initially wants to stop her, but he hears his dead father telling him to let her go. The pillars are still fighting Muzan, and boy is he tearing they asses UP! My wife actually almost dies, until Gyomei and Sanemi finally come to help out! With everything that has been going on with Muzan, I really forgot about everyone else who was in the fortress not fighting him. It was really relieving, to see the stone and wind pillar step on the scene. Sanemi is understandably upset about his brother. We see his anger infused grief, as he literally slices Muzan in half, and then sets him on fire.

Murata has been told to tend to Tanjiro. Bless this kid’s heart man. I’m really glad I did watch the anime, I like the way his character was first portrayed. Our fellow demon slayer breaks his neck to tend to Tanjiro’s wounds, amidst all the chaos ensuing around him. And Tanjiro, still on the brink of death has somehow went to a spirit world.

My Thoughts

Am I surprised, that he’s somehow been transported to another world whilst laying on his death bed? No, because it’s such a typical trope for an MC in a story like this. Going to a spirit world to get help from a stronger ally before you, come back to present world, defeat your biggest foe. I’ve seen it in plenty of tv shows (Avatar the Last Airbender fans wya). This fight has been going on for quite some time. I actually keep forgetting that they really have only been fighting Muzan for most of the night. It is kind of funny that everyone is fighting, and here’s Tanjiro’s subconscious flitting off, to go figure out how to win the battle. Hopefully he comes back with valuable information.

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